Walter ry:n Urbaanit lapset ja nuoret-projekti saa Espoosen ja Vantaalle maailmalla mainetta keränneen huippuohjaajan. Ricardo Carranza on kokenut ja espoossa asuva Philippiiniläinen katutanssin pioneeri.

Tässä Ricardon oma esittely Englanniksi:
I am the last active street dance pioneer of the Philippines. I started dancing professionally in 1981 in the Philippine television. Many well-known Filipino dance groups even now have been inspired by
our former crew “The Funk System.

We were also the first Filipino street dancers to go global. We were actually the first Filipino street dance crew to work in Japan in 1984 and featured in a local television program in Kyoto called “KBS

As far as my experiences with Old Generation street dance pioneers are concerned, I have worked alongside members of the legendary group the Original Lockers, for example: the late Greg Campbellock Jr. Shabba Doo (Hollywood actor), Flukey Luke and other Locking Masters like Scoo B Doo and Skeeter Rabbit (Higgins).

I choreographed and danced in the television commercial for “Finland You Got Talent” (Talent Suomi) in 2009. I am a frequent choreographer in different popular television shows in the Philippines.

Abroad I have taught numerous workshops/camps around the world. The most recent ones are the following: Fresh Groove (Vancouver, Canada, Oct 2014), Studio Zoom (Bangkok, Thailand, August 2014),
All the Way live “Sunday Funk” (San Francisco, USA, June 2013),

Harbour Dance Centre (Vancouver, Canada, July 2013), Icon dance workshops (Belgium, 2012) and countless dance events worldwide: Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, France, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, USA, and more.