In order to ensure our work here at Walter ry remains effective and relevant in the ever changing and demanding field of youth work, we have adopted an ongoing commitment to continuous development for Walter staff members. The latest part of this was when Kytke project coordinator Jason Yabal took part in a training course held on ‘Youth for Peace’. The week long course was held from 19-27.2.2018 in Misaktsieli, Georgia.

The aim of the course was to provide youth workers from all over Europe tools to empower youth by exploring their understanding of conflicts, and establishing a more participatory contribution for the transformation of conflicts. The main organizing parties for this Erasmus + funded course were the Georgian Academy for Peace and Development and the Finnish Peace Education Institute. There were total of 24 participants from 7 European countries. The course consisted of basic introduction to peace studies, and the participants’ personal experiences with youth work in this context. The time spent in Georgia provided a variety of tools and methods on non-formal learning and was very much focused on an interactive participant approach.

Overall the week was very beneficial in not only developing the competency of the youth workers but also the ability of youth organizations in designing, planning and implementing better peacebuilding activities with increased participation from the youth themselves. This is vital in achieving the UN Security Council resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security; to recognize the role of youth in building sustainable peaceful societies and support them in this role.

To get more information about The Finnish Peace Education Institute, please click here.